About US

The Butrous Foundation is a private foundation established in 2006. The current interest of the foundation is to fund activities that serve its mission.

The foundation aims to motivate young people to pursue scientific careers by enhancing scientific creativity and communication skills. It aims to provide a platform for young people all over the world to participate in scientific advancements and to encourage them to express their ideas freely and creatively.

The Mission

Thematic approaches to achieve the foundation mission:

  1. To enhance communication and friendship between young people all over the world and to help each other with their scientific interests.
  2. To promote the ideals of co-operation and the interchange of knowledge and ideas.
  3. To enhance the application of science and its role in global society and culture.
  4. To help young people make links with scientists in order to take advantage of global knowledge, and participate in the advancement of science.
  5. To encourage young people to show their creativity, inspire them to reach their full potential and to be role models for the next generation.
  6. To encourage the discipline of good science where open minds and respect to other ideas dominate.
  7. To help global society to value the contributions of young people and enable them to reach their full potential.